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5 in Spanish

5 in Spanish -  número cinco en español

The number 5 in Spanish is a common word which you may have heard before:

The translation of the number five from English to Spanish is cinco

It's not difficult to say this five letter word although the spelling and the way it's written may look a little odd when compared with the English language as our words rarely begin with the combination of letters cin. Once you have learned the sounds of the letters, the number 5 in Spanish will be easy to say. There is a pronunciation video for this language located at the bottom of this page. Here you can listen to a Spanish speaker saying the numbers including 5 and the translation of the number to the word 'cinco'. Listen carefully and pause the video to practice saying cinco yourself.



What is 5 in Spanish?
The word for the número cinco sound different to the English language. The following examples will help you pronounce the number and word cinco:

  • In most Spanish speaking countries, the letter c is pronounced th like the word that when it falls before the vowels e and i. In some areas of the world, including the Canary Islands and LA, it is pronounced s similar to the word seen. It is depending upon country how the beginning of the word is pronounced.

  • The letter i sounds like double ee like weed.
  • n is said like the n in the word now.
  • The letter c falls before vowel o so it is pronounced like the c in car. The same rule applies to c when it falls before the following vowel letters: a, u, o.
  • Look at how to spell cinco and listen for the word in our audio video below to help you learn how to say the number five correctly.

5 in Spanish
The number 5 in Spanish is n
úmero cinco. The following basic words form simple sentences for beginners to start practicing their vocabulary and using numbers:

  • juego al futbol cinco veces por semana
    I play football five times per week

5 in Spanish - Cardinal and Ordinal Number
The number 5 in Spanish is número cinco. This is the cardinal number, often called a counting number.  The ordinal number for 5 in English is fifth, also written as 5th. The translation of these numbers in this language is as follows:

  • Fifth is quinto (masculine) depending on noun gender: el quinto año - the fifth year
  • Fourth is quinta (feminine) depending on noun gender: la quinta hora - the fifth hour.
  • 5th is symbolized by the following symbols: 5° for masculine / 5ª for feminine.

5 in Spanish
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Pronunciation Language Audio Video


Pronunciation Video - How to say 5 in Spanish



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5 in Spanish


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