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19 in Spanish

19 in Spanish -  número diecinueve en español

The number 19 in Spanish is simple for beginners to remember although it's a long word:

The translation of the number nineteen from English to Spanish is diecinueve

The number 'diecinueve' can be broken into two words which makes it easier to understand and learn. The numbers 16 to 19 all begin with dieci and end with the translation of the final digit, e.g. nueve which together form diecinueve. It's a long word but as long as you remember how it's formed, it's easy for beginners to remember. It might not look as easy to pronounce but if you follow the tips and free audio video below, on how to say the numbers properly including number 19 in Spanish, you will learn the correct pronunciation.



19 in Spanish - Cardinal and Ordinal Numbers
Counting or cardinal numbers symbolize quantity - in this case number 19.  The English ordinal number for 19 is spelled nineteenth or written as 19th. Ordinal numerals are scarcely used in Spanish after 10th. It's replaced by the cardinal. Ordinal number 19 translates to Spanish as:

  • nineteenth is decimonoveno (masculine) or decimonovena (feminine) depending on the gender of the noun.
  • The symbol for 19th is 19°(masc) or 19ª(fem)

19 in Spanish
The number 19 in Spanish is n
úmero diecinueve.  These short sentences for beginners including basic words including the number 19 in Spanish:

  • mi hermana tiene diecinueve años
    My sister is nineteen years old
  • a diecinueve kilómetros de aquí
    19 km from here

What is 19 in Spanish?
The number 19 translates to diecinueve; which is a long but basic, easy word to learn if it's simplified and broken down. Remember the beginning dieci and add the number nueve which is the final digit nine, combine the words to form diecinueve. The letters sound different to English. Learn how to say 19 in Spanish with our online audio video and tips:

  • the letter d is pronounced similarly to the d in feed
  • i is pronounced similar to the double ee in indeed
  • the letter e sounds like the letter e in send
  • the letter c, when it falls before vowels e or i is pronounced differently in various Spanish speaking countries and areas including the Canary Islands and LA where the letter c is pronounced like the letter s. In most regions it is pronounced th like the sound of th in the word thank.
  • the letter i is said like the letters ee in feed
  • nueve - to learn this word check out the number nine or pronunciation video below

19 in Spanish - number translation
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Pronunciation Language Audio Video


Pronunciation Video - How to say 19 in Spanish



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19 in Spanish


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