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31 in Spanish

31 in Spanish -  número treinta y uno en español

31 in Spanish is very easy to learn as it is simply treinta followed by y and uno:

The translation of the number thirty-one from English to Spanish is treinta y uno

This number is formed with basic words which translate to thirty and one. Both words are simple to say, however, the letters of the alphabet are pronounced and sound very different to the English language. If you would like to learn how to say 31 in Spanish correctly, please refer to our language audio video at the bottom of this page where you can listen to a teacher and student saying the word 'treinta y uno' very clearly whilst counting the numbers. Please continue reading further for more number pronunciation tips and advice relating to how to say each letter from the number 31 in Spanish which translates to número treinta y uno en español.



What is 31 in Spanish?

The number 31 in Spanish is treinta y uno. The letters of the number are pronounced differently to the English language. The following examples explain how to say 'treinta y uno' correctly:

  • treinta - please refer to the number thirty for pronunciation guidance
  • the letter u is pronounced like oo in cool
  • the sound of the letter n is like n in now
  • o sounds like the letter o in lot

31 in Spanish - Cardinal and Ordinal

The number 31 in Spanish is n
úmero treinta y uno. This is the cardinal numeral, otherwise described as a counting number.  In English, the ordinal numbers are known as thirty-first or 31st.

The ordinal number en español is not really used after the 10th which is dissimilar to the English language where it's often used in both the written and spoken language to depict dates, titles and positions.

31 in Spanish - Grammar Rules

31 in Spanish follows certain grammar rules and changes which do not apply in the same way in the English language. For example, if you are describing thirty-one of something and the noun you are talking about is masculine, the letter o is dropped from treinta y uno. If the noun is feminine, the letter o is replaced by the letter a. The following example can be used as a guide to clarify the grammatical differences for the use of this number:

  • treinta y un niños translates to thirty-one children as the word niño is masculine
  • treinta y una tiendas translates to thirty-one shops as the word tienda is feminine
  • treinta y un días translates to thirty-one days as the word día is masculine

31 in Spanish
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Pronunciation Language Audio Video


Pronunciation Video - How to say 31 in Spanish



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31 in Spanish


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