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33 in Spanish

33 in Spanish -  número treinta y tres en español

The number 33 in Spanish is a formed by three basic words which are easy to learn:

The translation of the number thirty-three from English to Spanish is treinta y tres

This number is part of a sequence of numbers which all begin with treinta, meaning thirty, followed by y meaning and, then the translation of the final digit which is tres in this case. When the number is broken down in this way, it's simple for beginners and children to remember. However, the pronunciation of the alphabet letters must be considered when trying to say the number 33 in Spanish. The letters sound different to English so it's important to listen carefully to how the numbers should be pronounced. We have provided a foreign audio video to help you with correct pronunciation.



What is 33 in Spanish? - number translation
The number 33 in Spanish is treinta y tres. To pronounce these basic words for número
treinta y tres, the letters are said with a difference to the English language. The following examples confirm the correct pronunciation of treinta y tres:

  • treinta - see the number 30 for guidance
  • the letter t sounds like the t in the word tint
  • the sound of the letter r is like ere or r in role
  • the letter e is sounds similar to the e in send
  • s sounds like the letter s in seen

33 in Spanish - simple number vocabulary

The number 33 in Spanish is n
úmero treinta y tres which means thirty and three. The following simple number sentences include the number 33 in Spanish and easy words for beginners:

  • yo tengo treinta y tres clases cada semana
    I have thirty-three classes every week
  • él tiene treinta y tres años
    he is thirty-three years old

33 in Spanish - Ordinal and Cardinal

The number 33 in Spanish is número treinta y tres which is cardinal number, otherwise known as counting numbers.  The ordinal number in English would be thirty-third or 33rd as an abbreviation.

Spanish is not the same as this language rarely uses any ordinal numbers after 10th. The ordinal is in fact replaced by the cardinal as follows:

  • en el piso treinta y dos
    on the 33rd floor
  • el treinta y dos año
    the 33rd year

33 in Spanish
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Pronunciation Language Audio Video


Pronunciation Video - How to say 33 in Spanish



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33 in Spanish


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