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37 in Spanish

37 in Spanish -  número treinta y siete en español

37 in Spanish a good number for beginners to learn as it consists of three basic words:

The translation of the number thirty-seven from English to Spanish is treinta y siete

These are easy words to pronounce, however, if you would like any help learning how to say this number properly, the video at the bottom of this page is specifically for teaching beginners how to count in Spanish and how to say the number 37. The audio video is a free learning resource which may be paused at any point to allow you time to practice saying 'treinta y siete' which translates to thirty and seven and is easy to say. The spelling of the number 37 in Spanish may look a little odd to English speakers but once you've mastered the sound of the word and how it's written, it will be easy to remember.



What is 37 in Spanish?
The number 37 in Spanish is treinta y siete. The simple words for número treinta y siete are short words which may sound different to how you imagine. The examples are a guide to saying the word treinta y siete correctly:

  • treinta - see the number 30 for more help
  • the letter s sounds similar to the s in seen
  • i sounds like the ee in feed
  • letter e sounds similar to the e in mend
  • the letter t is similar to the sound of t in tint
  • the letter e (as above) is like the e in mend

37 in Spanish

The number 37 in Spanish is n
úmero treinta y siete. The following sentences are formed using basic words and vocabulary for beginners and include the number 37 in Spanish:

  • tiene treinta y siete años
    he/she is 37 years old
  • treinta y siete días
    thirty-seven days

37 in Spanish - Cardinal and Ordinal

The number 37 in Spanish is número treinta y siete which is the counting number, otherwise recognized as cardinal numbers as they denote quantity.  The ordinal number for 37 in English is commonly used in speech and written literature and is known as thirty-seventh or 37th.

The Spanish ordinal number beyond 10th is rarely used in neither their written or spoken language. Instead of using an ordinal number within a sentence, they use the cardinal (counting) number as a replacement. See the following examples for clarification of the correct use of cardinal numbers:

  • en el piso treinta y siete
    on the 37th floor

37 in Spanish
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Pronunciation Language Audio Video


Pronunciation Video - How to say 37 in Spanish



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37 in Spanish


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