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40 in Spanish

40 in Spanish -  número cuarenta en español
The number 40 in Spanish is a medium size word ideal for beginners to learn:

The translation of the number forty from English to Spanish is cuarenta

Number forty in English translates to cuarenta en español which is a simple phrase to learn. The numero cuarenta is easy to say. If you would like to practice saying the numbers, please refer to the audio video further down this page which has been created specifically for teaching kids and beginners how to count from 1 to 40 in Spanish. If you listen carefully to the language video, you will hear how the letters and words are pronounced correctly in this language. Try pausing the video to give yourself time to practice saying 40 in Spanish out loud. The tips below will teach you the formation and sounds of this basic, easy word and number.



What is 40 in Spanish?
This is a simple guide to pronouncing the word and number cuarenta which translates to forty:

  • the letter c sounds like the c in the word cat
  • the sound of the letter u is like oo in cool
  • the letter a is sounds similar to the a in rack
  • r is pronounced like the r in the word role
  • the e is pronounced like letter e in end
  • the letter n sounds like the n in now
  • letter t is like the t at the beginning of tint
  • the final a sounds similar to the a in rack

40 in Spanish

The number 40 in Spanish is n
úmero cuarenta. The following basic sentences for beginners include the number 40 in Spanish and consist of basic words and common phrases:

  • hay cuarenta tipos de personas
    there are 40 types of people
  • tengo cuarenta años
    I am forty years old

40 in Spanish - Cardinal, Ordinal and Collective Number

The number 40 in Spanish is número cuarenta. 40 is referred to as a counting numeral as quantity is indicated. Counting numbers are also called cardinals.  In the English language, the ordinal number for 40 is fortieth which may be written as 40th.

It's often used in written and spoken English with reference to birthdays, positions etc. However, the ordinal is hardly used in the Spanish language above 10th and instead is replaced by the ordinal number.

  • The number 40 in Spanish as a ordinal number translates to cuadragésimo, 40°, 40ª
  • Forty is also a collective number in this language. The collective number is cuarentena meaning approximately or around forty.

40 in Spanish
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Pronunciation Language Audio Video


Pronunciation Video - How to say 40 in Spanish



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40 in Spanish


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