Spanish Numbers 31 to 40

Spanish Numbers 31 to 40

The audio language video at the bottom of this page provides a free teaching resource for learning how to say the Spanish numbers 31 to 40 correctly. The Spanish accents are not often easy to understand so listening to our language video can improve your skills including understanding, listening and speaking. It's a very way of learning how to count from thirty to forty in this language and how to pronounce the Spanish numbers properly.

Please select from the numeral links on the left for further information and facts about individual Spanish numbers including how to pronounce the numbers 31 to 40 in Spanish, how to write and spell each numeral from 31 to 40, clarification on important grammar rules which may apply to an individual number, the cardinal (counting numbers) and the ordinal number.



What are the Spanish Numbers 31 to 40

  • 31 one is treinta y uno
  • 32 two is treinta y dos
  • 33 three is treinta y tres
  • 34 four is treinta y cuatro
  • 35 five is treinta y cinco
  • 36 six is treinta y seis
  • 37 seven is treinta y siete
  • 38 eight is treinta y ocho
  • 39 nine is treinta y nueve
  • 40 ten is cuarenta


Spanish Numbers 31 to 40

If you would like to learn the English translations for los n
úmeros en español 31 to 40, please select from the relevant link on the left.

If you would like to observe and listen to a Spanish speaker saying the numbers 31 to 40, please refer to the language audio video further down this page where you can learn how to count  from 31 to 40 and say each number correctly in this language. These are short, basic words which are commonly used and ideal for beginners.


Spanish Numbers 31 to 40

The Spanish Numbers 31 to 40 are easy to learn, remember and understand. They provide excellent vocabulary practice and basic words for beginners of this language. These are simple for beginners to learn as the number range 31 to 39 all begin with treinta which means thirty, followed by y which means and, followed by the Spanish translation of the final digit e.g. treinta y uno, treinta y dos, treinta y tres. The pronunciation video below will teach kids and adults how to count from 31 to 40 in this language. The audio video is free to watch and may be paused at any time to practice saying the numbers 31 to 40 in Spanish. The teacher in the video counts in English whilst the student clearly repeats each number in Spanish from 31 to 40. The numbers 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39 are as follows: treinta y followed by the following words uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco, seis, siete, ocho, nueve, diez. The number 40 translates to cuarenta.


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Pronunciation Video - How to say Spanish Numbers 31 to 40



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Spanish Numbers 31 to 40


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