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41 in Spanish

41 in Spanish -  número cuarenta y uno en español

The number 41 in Spanish is a long word which is easy for beginners to learn:

The translation of the number forty-one from English to Spanish is cuarenta y uno

cuarenta y uno is a useful number for beginners to learn as the pronunciation of the letters are very different to the English language. Please refer to our tips on how to pronounce numbers for a detailed breakdown about the sounds and pronunciation of each letter in the word cuarenta y uno which translates to forty and one, or,  perhaps you might like to clarify how to say the number 41 in Spanish. If so, we have provided a language audio video below to help you understand and practice saying los números en español - the English translation of this basic, simple phrase is 'the numbers in Spanish'.



41 in Spanish - Cardinal and Ordinal Numbers

forty-one is officially known as a cardinal or counting number as it represents quality. In English, we often use the ordinal numbers in writing and speech, particularly to depict the date, century, royal titles, position etc.

However, the Spanish language is not the same. They barely say or write using ordinal numbers from eleventh onwards. The English ordinal numeral for 41 is forty-first, also written as 41st.

41 in Spanish
The number 41 in Spanish is n
úmero cuarenta y uno.  These basic, short sentences for beginners include easy vocabulary including forty-one (Note - this number also uses feminine form):

  • tengo cuarenta y uno años hoy
    I am forty-one years old today
  • cuarenta y una semanas 41 weeks - taking feminine form before a feminine noun
  • cuarenta y uno días
    forty-one days

What is 41 in Spanish?
The number 41 in Spanish translates to cuarenta y uno. Words which are basic to learn, but the spelling and way the word is written, is not as easy for beginners and kids to learn. Pronunciation is important, listen to the language video below to practice saying 41 in Spanish. The following tips can also be used as a guide to saying cuarenta y uno:

  • the letter c sounds like the c in the word cat
  • the sound of the letter u is like oo in cool
  • the letter a is sounds similar to the a in rack
  • r is pronounced like the r in the word role
  • the e is pronounced like letter e in end
  • the letter n sounds like the n in now
  • letter t is like the t at the beginning of tint
  • the final a sounds similar to the a in rack
  • uno is easy to pronounce, please refer to the number one for pronunciation tips

41 in Spanish - number translation
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Pronunciation Language Audio Video


Pronunciation Video - How to say 41 in Spanish



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41 in Spanish


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