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42 in Spanish

42 in Spanish -  número cuarenta y dos en español

The number 42 in Spanish is simple to remember if you break the word down:

The translation of the number forty-two from English to Spanish is cuarenta y dos

cuarenta y dos follows a number pattern. Like the rest of the numbers in the series 41 to 49, this word can be broken down in the same way. All of these numerals begin with cuarenta which means 40, followed by y which means and, then ends with the final number, which in this example, is dos. If you put these basic words together, they form the easy words for the number 42 in Spanish which is cuarenta y dos. If you want to learn how to say the numbers, refer to the audio video below where you can listen to the correct pronunciation of the number 42 in Spanish and practice saying the number yourself.



42 in Spanish - Cardinal and Ordinal Numbers

Forty-two is officially known as a cardinal or counting numeral as it indicates quality. In English, it's common to use the ordinal numbers in both the speech and written language, English uses include reference to dates, centuries, royal titles and position.

The same use in Spanish does not apply. They rarely say or write using ordinal numbers from 11th onwards. The English ordinal numeral for 42 is forty-second, which is often written as 42nd.

42 in Spanish
The number 42 in Spanish is n
úmero cuarenta y dos.  These simple, basic sentences for beginners consist of easy vocabulary words including forty-two:

  • tengo cuarenta y dos años
    I am forty-two years old
  • hay cuarenta y dos niños en mi clase
    there are 42 children in my class

What is 42 in Spanish?
The number 42 in Spanish translates to cuarenta y dos which means forty and two. A long number which is simple and basic for kids and beginners to learn, however, the spelling and how the word is written, is not quite as easy to remember. Number pronunciation is important - listen to the audio video below to practice pronouncing 42 in Spanish:

  • the letter c sounds like the c in the word cat
  • the sound of the letter u is like oo in cool
  • the letter a is sounds similar to the a in rack
  • r is pronounced like the r in the word role
  • the e is pronounced like letter e in end
  • the letter n sounds like the n in now
  • letter t is like the t at the beginning of tint
  • the final a sounds similar to the a in rack
  • dos is very easy to say, please refer to the number two for further guidance

42 in Spanish - number translation
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Pronunciation Language Audio Video


Pronunciation Video - How to say 42 in Spanish



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42 in Spanish


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