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45 in Spanish

Number 45 in Spanish -  número cuarenta y cinco en español

The number 45 in Spanish is easy to learn if you read the following guidelines:

The translation of forty-five from English to Spanish is cuarenta y cinco

The numbers 41 to 49 follow similar formations which makes it easy to learn and remember this particular sequence of numbers. This range of numerals start with cuarenta y and end with the last number. In the example of 45, the last number is cinco which forms the word cuarenta y cinco (which means forty and five) when added to the stem cuarenta y.

This isn't the easiest number to teach and say so we have created an online free language video as a teaching resource to saying the numbers properly, including 45 in Spanish.



45 in Spanish - Cardinal and Ordinal Numbers

Number forty-five is a cardinal or counting number as it symbolizes quantity. Ordinal numbers are commonly used in spoken and written English. Some of the main uses of ordinal numbers in English come with reference to the date, position, century or royal title.

The Spanish ordinal numbers are hardly used after tenth. The English ordinal for 45 is forty-fifth, also written as 45th but in this language the cardinal replaces the ordinal number.

45 in Spanish
The number 45 in Spanish is n
úmero cuarenta y cinco.  The following sentences have been created for kids and beginners to learn basic, easy words and vocab including the number forty-five:

  • las diecisiete y cuarenta y cinco
    it's 17.45 (reference to time - 24hr clock)
  • hay cuarenta y cinco niños en mi clase
    there are 45 children in my class

What is 45 in Spanish?
The number 45 in Spanish translates to cuarenta y cinco. It's an easy number for beginners and kids to learn with the help of our pronunciation guide below. The number's not as easy to write or spell so look carefully at the formation and spelling of the word. Listening to our language video below will help you learn how to say 45 in Spanish.

  • the letter c sounds like the c in the word cat
  • the sound of the letter u is like oo in cool
  • the letter a is sounds similar to the a in rack
  • r is pronounced like the r in the word role
  • the e is pronounced like letter e in end
  • the letter n sounds like the n in now
  • letter t is like the t at the beginning of tint
  • the final a sounds similar to the a in rack
  • cinco is easy to say, please see the number five section for more guidance

45 in Spanish - number translation
How to count and say number 45 properly
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How to say cuarenta y cinco en español
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Pronunciation Language Audio Video


Pronunciation Video - How to say 45 in Spanish



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45 in Spanish


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