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50 in Spanish

50 in Spanish -  número cincuenta en español

The number 50 in Spanish is a common number so it's easy for beginners to remember:

The translation of the number fifty from English to Spanish is cincuenta

The cardinal number 'cincuenta' is pronounced differently when it's said in Spanish to how beginners might think it's going to sound. The alphabet letters are pronounced differently to English. Please listen to our language video to learn how to say the number 50 in Spanish correctly. The video is clear and will count you the numbers and the correct pronunciations including 50 in Spanish. Fifty is a number which is commonly used. In this language, it's also a collective number. The collective number for 50 in Spanish is cincuentena which is  used to say approximately or around fifty.



50 in Spanish - Cardinal and Ordinal Numbers
50 is the cardinal or counting number because it shows quantity.  The ordinal number for 50 in English is written as 50th or fiftieth. It's different in Spanish as the ordinal numbers are rarely used above 10th. It's replaced by the cardinal number instead. The ordinal number of 50 is:

  • fiftieth is quincuagésimo , 50°(m) / 50ª(f)

50 in Spanish
The number 50 in Spanish is n
úmero cincuenta. The following basic number vocabulary sentences

can help beginners to use the number 50 correctly in conversation:

  • esperé cincuenta minutos
    I waited fifty minutes
  • tengo cincuenta años hoy
    I am fifty years old today
  • estamos a 50 (cincuenta) grados
    it's 50 degrees (weather temperature)
  • 50 is a collective number in Spanish:
    the collective number is cincuentena

What is 50 in Spanish?
The number 50 translates to cincuenta which is an important word to learn as it is used for in lots of situations. The letters are pronounced differently to English and these examples will help you correctly pronounce cincuenta:

  • c is pronounced th in the word that when it falls before the vowels i in most areas
  • the letter i is pronounced similar to letters ee in indeed
  • the letter n sounds like the n in now
  • the letter c is pronounced similar to the letter c in the word car when it falls before u
  • u sounds like the letters oo in tool
  • e sounds like the letter e in ending
  • n is pronounced like the letter n in now
  • the letter t is pronounced like the letter t in tint
  • a sounds like the letter a in rack

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Pronunciation Language Audio Video


Pronunciation Video - How to say 50 in Spanish



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50 in Spanish


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